Hi I'm Emily, I am the Founder and Ceo of Modest Mermaid. 

Modest Mermaid mixes fast fashion with modesty to allow women to feel and look amazing while maintaining modesty. Our swimwear is fashionable, flattering with a classic A line shape that doesn't cling to the body as well as performing well in the water.

I'm a mum of two kids living in Melbourne Australia. I used to be a buyer for global fashion brands, but when I had my first baby I found myself searching for more modest fashionable swimwear options and found a huge gap in the market that needed to be filled. I believe all women should have options to look and feel confident while remaining modest. 

Modest Mermaid swimwear is designed for freedom and sun protection with SPF50+. Many of our beautiful customers choose Modest Mermaid Swimwear for religious reasons. Whatever your reason, know that they are designed to make you look and feel great be flattering and not clingy. 

We know you have lots on your plate and therefore have made swimwear easy for you to put on and feel comfortable and confident so you can enjoy precious time in the sun with your family and friends. 

Join our amazing community of beautiful women feeling and looking incredible, check out our products pages today and do yourself a favour and try them out ✨

Feel free to email us on hello@modestmerma.id or call us on (+61) 0438002270. 

Love, Emily xx

What our customers say
I love this modest swim dress. It looks exactly like the picture. The material is so soft and comfortable. I definitely plan to buy more. Thank you so much!
This is a really nice swim dress that is well made with pretty fabric. It is very nice to have a modest swim dress. I highly recommend this swim dress for anyone who wants modesty and sun protection, while looking nice at the same time.

I love my swimwear. The colours are gorgeous and I can now enjoy swimming without being burned!

This item is great. I purchased one for my daughter and a different pattern for myself. Quality is excellent. We have been swimming 4 times and are very happy with the product. It’s wonderful to be able to swim modestly now.
Such a lovely feminine dress to wear whether swimming or just walking along the beach. Such a pretty pattern and can't wait to use it when swimming! Definitely recommend this swim dress if you are pursuing modesty. 🤗💝