May 15, 2020 1 min read

Tokyo is a cultural shock in the best possible way! Tokyo is big but is best seen on foot, I think my first day in Tokyo I walked record 35,000 steps!

So much of what love about this city has to do with the fabulous fashion the locals are sporting. Harajuku is a district of Shibuya you cannot miss, when it comes to fashion its all here. The girls are dressed to the nines in beautiful kimonos, the shops are trendy, the streets are buzzing its impossible not to love.

There are so many amazing districts but the ones not to miss are:

Ginza- for the high end side of life

Aoyoma- quirky and known for Japanese home grown labels

Daikanyama- for the fashionistas

Azabu Juban- for street art and craft village

I couldn't write a blog post on Tokyo without mentioning my favourite restaurant (that I have sent many many friends too and all have a brilliant night). Sushiyori Inose ( make sure you make a reservation ahead of time as this restaurant sits approximately 12 people at the bar only. Its run by a husband and wife (who are an absolute blast) and they serve the freshest sashimi you will ever eat. Come with an open mind (I ate sea urchin!) and your tastebuds will be buzzing. By the end of the night you will be dancing around, be best friends with all the other diners and the dynamic duo that run this restaurant and have satisfied tummies of pure deliciousness.

I hope this blog inspires you for your next trip to Tokyo!

Love MM xx

Emily Pask
Emily Pask