May 19, 2020 2 min read

For many of us it's been two months since we went into isolation due to coronavirus. with easing restrictions across australia and the world, people are starting to resume some sort of 'new normal'. It can come with mixed feelings this kind of re entry to the world. For me as a mother of 2 young kids I've found the past couple of months exhausting but also a very special time. We've adapted well to our new normal and have learnt to be creative with what we have in our home. We have done a lot of arts, crafts, painting, cooking, baking, zoom sessions, yoga, mediation and quality time as a family of four. It's such a rare opportunity to slow the pace of life down and spend time with the people in your household.

I approach the re entry with excitement but also a cautious approach we will continue to social distance but it is nice to see more and more businesses open up and more people out and about. as a business owner these past few months leading up to summer in the northern hemisphere are often our busiest. it's been noticeably quiet since lockdown but with easing restrictions business is starting to increase and so too is the juggle between mum life and business life which I love. 

Reflecting on these times there are a few things i have learnt and hope to continue post corona times:

  1. Slowing down the pace of life 
  2. Enjoying quiet quality time at home with my family
  3. No more handshakes!
  4. Realising that we need so little to get by (my kids are just as happy to play with the amazon cardboard box than copious new toys)
  5. Having me time- I have been mediating most mornings and this has been such a beautiful start to my day. Also attended many online zoom yoga, pilates classes and plan to continue this post isolation. I find as a mum the convenience of being able to feed my baby and 2 mins later be on the yoga mat amazing
  6. Be thankful for mine and my families health 

I hope this challenging time has had some positive effects on you all and we can all re enter the world with a new appreciation for life.

Love MM xx

Emily Pask
Emily Pask

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